Hakeem Optical centers were established in 1998 AD and are considered not only of the first up to date optic centers but also it has cared very much of the eyes by using the progressed instruments and by supplying the best and cutting edge eye glasses.
Moreover, Hakeem Optical Eye Centers have eye testing clinics and others clinics for contact lens which contain state of the art instruments and supervised by the best, qualified and experienced technicians. Similarly, Hakeem Optical Optic Centers have laboratories for cutting and fixing medical eye glasses using the cutting edge technology, instruments and experienced technicians.
Hakeem Optical Eye Centers are unique because of the following characteristics which are very important to our customers:
• They contain spacious areas and wide display departments which have an eye catching and beautiful architecture with especially welcoming receptions. Consequently, our customers and their families can walk freely during the visit and enjoy the surroundings.
• Hakeem Optical Eye Centers are characterized by their strategic locations where they are in different locations in Al-rayed City. So it is close to people and easy to reach.
• Hakeem Optical Eye Centers are characterized by being rapid and accurate in dealing with customers whether it has been before or during purchase or after that. It goes without saying that such a conduct will not only make things easy and more convenient to customers but also creates mutual trust in dealings.
• Hakeem Optical Eye Centers display a wide catalogue of different, diverse and unique categories of eye and sunglasses and addition to multiple types of contact lens. Such a large catalogue gives our customers numerous options.

Hakeem Optical insight:
 An atmosphere quality, which serves humans rapidly.

Hakeem Optical Message:
 Target: To reach by our activities to more humanly goals.
Strategy: to become in the forthcoming years a unique business in our field.
Characteristics: mutual benefits. Ethics and parameters: serving our customers in the best possible ways Quality parameters: The satisfaction of our customers is real parameter of our successes.

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